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Articles récemment envoyés (uniquement an anglais)


Is Multilateralism in Crisis? — A possible way forward on trade multilateralism
Pradeep S Mehta, Secretary General CUTS International
21/09/2012 The role of private sector in shaping sustainable development under the multilateral trading system
Wakako Oshima, World Trade Institute MILE 7 Graduate
19/09/2012 Changing concepts of trade and development and linkages to the private sector
The Council for Multilateral Business Diplomacy and The Global Social Observatory
17/09/2012 Does the multilateral system address the farmers’ real concerns?
The World Farmers Organization
17/09/2012 Global business reality and global governance challenges in an interdependent world
American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) and the Swedish National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium)
14/09/2012 Africa and the WTO crisis: What role in future global trade governance?
Collin Zhuawu, PhD candidate with University of Birmingham
12/09/2012 Emerging protectionism — Multilateralism as a remedy?
Pierre Gröning, Trade Policy Advisor at the ‘Foreign Trade Association’ (FTA), Brussels
11/09/2012 Re-energizing multilateralism — common ground and differences in the Asia-Pacific region
Wang Xinkui Shanghai, WTO Affairs Consultation Center
10/09/2012 Deadlock in the WTO: What is next?
Beginda Pakpahan
10/09/2012 Multilateralism: Time to rethink and react differently
Siddharth Chatterjee, Chief Diplomat-Head of Strategic Partnerships, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and Jacqueline Musiitwa, World Trade Organization
04/09/2012 Emerging powers, national interests and the future of multilateralism
Pedro da Motta Veiga (CINDES), Sandra Polónia Rios (CINDES)
04/09/2012 Access to markets — a fundamental first step to multilateralism...
Clive Hinchcliffe
04/09/2012 The Last Frontier: the WTO, PTAs, and the Arab Region
Riad al Khouri
04/09/2012 The WTO rules have increased the distortions in agricultural trade
Jacques Berthelot
04/09/2012 The WTO by 2022 — ceteris paribus?
Helmut Lubbers, MSocSc BE DiplEcol
20/08/2012 Trade & Food Security: Africa’s Friend or Foe?
Hilton E. Zunckel
18/07/2012 Libya from revolution to state joining the WTO to establish the pillars of state
Ismail Elmahaishi
05/06/2012 The Broken Legs of Global Trade
Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University
01/06/2012 The WTO in Crisis: Five Fundamentals Reconsidered
Joost Pauwelyn, Graduate Institute, Geneva
29/05/2012 Wanted: a new model for multilateralism
Guy de Jonquières, European Centre for International Political Economy
21/05/2012 Rio + … or - ? — Rethinking Multilateralism
Mark Halle, Executive Director, IISD-Europe
21/05/2012 Trade and jobs: what role for multilateralism?
Marion Jansen and José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, ILO
16/05/2012 A 21st Century Trade Agenda: Global Supply Chains and Logistics Services
Bernard Hoekman, World Bank
16/05/2012 Food Security and Multilateralism
Lee Ann Jackson and Ulla Kask, WTO Secretariat
15/05/2012 The real story about trade policy, productivity and growth
Dan Ciuriak, Beverly Lapham, and Robert Wolfe, with Terry Collins-Williams and John M. Curtis
08/05/2012 21st century trade and global trade governance: The WTO’s future
Richard Baldwin, Graduate Institute, Geneva
03/05/2012 How can Trade Contribute to Food Security?
Clemens Boonekamp, Trade Policy Advisor and Maria Perez-Esteve, WTO Secretariat


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