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15 January 2002

19th WTO trade policy course begins

Government officials from 30 countries and customs territories attended today the opening session of the 19th WTO trade policy course. The brief ceremony was chaired by Mr. Paul-Henri Ravier, Deputy Director-General of the WTO, who, on behalf of Mike Moore, welcomed all the participants.

Mr. Ravier underlined that the 30 trade officials will have the unique occasion to follow, from the inside, the work of the WTO and will thus have the opportunity to witness how the Organization starts implementing the decision adopted last November at the fourth session of the Ministerial Conference held in Doha, Qatar.

The Deputy Director-General also stressed the efforts made by the WTO to contribute to trade-related capacity building in developing countries and economies in transition. He recalled the creation of the WTO Training Institute last June and welcomed the decision of the WTO Members to increase the budget of the Institute to achieve progressively a doubling of its training capacity. Mr. Ravier invited the course participants to actively take part in the forthcoming training and to develop and strengthen a solid network of contacts which will be useful in handling WTO matters. He expressed his conviction that well-informed government officials constitute a determining contribution to a more vigorous and truly multilateral trading system.

Throughout the three-month training, which will end on 5 April, the 30 participating officials will become acquainted, through lectures, round-tables and simulation exercises, with virtually all the issues dealt with and the activities carried out in the framework of the WTO as well as with trade-related aspects of the work conducted by other international organisations located in Geneva.

The WTO Training Institute's mandate goes beyond organizing the traditional trade policy courses, which were instituted already under the GATT, in 1955. The Institute's task now includes training for trainers, a diversified range of short-term trade policy courses, distance-learning services, as well as increased co-operation with universities and other institutions of learning handling WTO and trade-related issues. The Institute is advised by a Board which held its constitutive meeting in November 2001.

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Belarus Mr. Aleksandr KULINKOVICH, First Secretary, WTO Section, Department of Tariff Regulation and WTO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minsk


Miss Carmen Melina SILVA, Foreign Service Officer, International Trade Desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belmopan.
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mr. Emir DJIKIC, Senior Official, Sector for International Trade Relations, Department for Multilateral Trade Relations, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Sarajevo.
Brunei Darussalam Mrs. Ainatol Zahayu MOHAMMAD, Project Officer, International Relations and Trade Development Division, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Bandar Seri Begawan.
Bulgaria  Mrs. Rouslana Anguelova STOYANOVA, Head, WTO and other International Economic Organizations Division, Multilateral Trade and Economic Policy Directorate, Ministry of Economy, Sofia.
Cameroon Mrs. Marie Madeleine Cocovi NGUIDJOI, Sub-Director of External Trade Affairs, Department of Commercial Promotion and Services, Ministry of Industrial and Commercial Development, Yaounde.
Eritrea Mr. Berekhet-AB Habtemariam OGBAZGHI, Director, Foreign Trade Division, Department of Trade, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Asmara.
Gambia Mr. Lamin JAMMEH, Trade Economist, Trade Division, Department of State for Trade, Industry and Employment, Banjul.


Mr. Junior Glenroy MAHON, Trade Officer/Economist, International Trade Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, St. George's.
Hong Kong, China Mrs. Kit Mui Patricia LUI, Principal Trade Officer, Multilateral Division, Trade and Industry Department, Kowloon.
Indonesia Mr. MBA MUGHOFUR, Section Manager of Environment and Development, Sub-directorate of Trade Policy, Directorate of Multilateral Cooperation, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Jakarta.
Iran Mr. Mohammad Reza ALIPOUR NANDEL, Expert, Multilateral Economic Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tehran.
Kenya Mr. Michael Moses OTIENO, Trade Development Officer II, Department of External Trade, WTO Division, Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Nairobi.
Lebanon Miss Lama OUEIJAN, Trade Economist, Minister's Cabinet, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Beirut.  
Malawi Miss Christina ZAKEYO JERE, Trade Officer, Foreign Trade Section, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Lilongwe.
Malaysia Mr. Mohd Daud MOHD ARIF, Assistant Director, Regional Economic Cooperation Division, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Kuala Lumpur.
Mauritius Mrs. Soraya Farah RAMJANALLY-NUTHAY, Trade Analyst, International Trade Division, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and International Trade, 8th Floor, Air Mauritius Centre, Port Louis.
Mexico Mr. Guillermo MALPICA SOTO, Director of Multilateral Negotiations and Regional Organizations, Directorate General of Negotiations in Services, Ministry of Economy, Mexico D.F.
Mongolia Mr. Urjinlhundev TUGSBILGUUN, Desk Officer, Department of Trade Policy and Cooperation, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ulaanbaatar.
Nigeria Mr. Richard BIRIBINA, Commercial Officer II, Multilateral Trade Division, WTO Unit, External Trade Department, Federal Ministry of Commerce, Abuja.
Qatar Mr. Khalifa Ahmad ALSOWAIDI, Foreign Trade Researcher, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Economy and Commerce, Doha.
Russian Federation Miss Elena Sergeevna ALDAKUSHKINA, Chief Specialist, Department for Trade Policy and Multilateral Negotiations, Trade in Services Division, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Moscow.
Rwanda Mr. Elias BAINGANA, Executive Assistant to Ag. Commissioner General, Office of the Commissioner General, Rwanda Revenue Authority, Kigali.
Saint Lucia Mr. Andrew Osborne SATNEY, Senior Economist Affairs Officer, Economic Affairs Division, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, Castries.
Samoa Miss Aida FAUMUI, Principal Trade and Investment Promotion Officer, Trade and Investment Promotion Unit, Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry, Apia.
Singapore Mr. Soo Chuan ONG, Desk Officer, International Economics Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.
Tuvalu Mr Pugameau TAUFILO, Trade Officer, Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Commerce, Funafuti.
Yemen Mr. Hamoud Ali AL-NAJAR, Commercial Attaché (WTO Affairs), Permanent Mission of Yemen to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other specialized Agencies in Europe, Geneva.
Yugoslavia Mrs. Sofija ARANJELOVIC, Senior Advisor, WTO Department, Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Beograd.
Zambia Mrs. Ikayi Gertrude SAMBONDU, Economist, Trade Department, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Lusaka.