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3 May 2000

General Council Decision on Implementation-Related Issues

Members recognize that the implementation of some WTO agreements and decisions has given rise to serious concerns among many developing country Members.

They also recognize the importance, in this regard, of continuing the work on implementation begun pursuant to paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Ministerial Declaration of May 1998, and that progress in addressing these implementation concerns would enhance confidence in the multilateral trading system.

Members agree that the General Council, meeting in special sessions, will address outstanding implementation issues and concerns, particularly those raised during the preparations for the Third Session of the Ministerial Conference. The first such special session should be held no later than June 2000, and the process should be completed not later than the Fourth Session of the Ministerial Conference. In addressing these issues, the General Council will assess the existing difficulties, identify ways needed to resolve them, and take decisions for appropriate action.

In carrying out its work, the General Council may direct other WTO bodies to provide any appropriate inputs and to take any appropriate action. The General Council may also take into account any implementation-related issues under consideration in other WTO bodies.

This process shall be without prejudice to any future decisions that may be taken by the General Council to further advance its work in this area, including in the context of possible further multilateral trade negotiations.