The WTO and United Nations Environment Programme

In the context of the Doha Round and in particular in 2006, the WTO Secretariat has been collaborating closely with the secretariat of UNEP, who have been regularly attending WTO meetings.  This collaboration extends back further, though. Since 1995, the UNEP has been an observer of the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment and the two organizations have, in particular, worked closely in the context of capacity building activities to raise awareness on the linkages between trade, environment and sustainable development and to promote greater dialogue between trade and environment policy makers. The WTO has also participated at sessions of the UNEP Governing Council.

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Collaboration between WTO and UNEP is welcomed in the Doha Ministerial Declaration. The Doha mandate of negotiations specifically addresses the issue of cooperation between the WTO and MEA secretariats as a means to achieve the overall objective of enhancing the mutual supportiveness between the trade and environment regimes.

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Collaboration has included joint events e.g.
WTO-UNEP roundtable
Ś 5 February  2007
> Official announcement
> UNEP Global Ministerial Environment Forum 2007


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UNEP has is an observer to the WTO's Committee on Trade and Development and special sessions of the Committee on Trade and Environment. WTO also has observership status at UNEP.

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