Topics handled by WTO committees and agreements
Issues covered by the WTO’s committees and agreements

Phase 1 (2000–2001)

March 2000 to March 2001

  • 7 meetings.
  • 45 proposals from 121 countries (counting the EU as 16, i.e. the 15 countries plus the EU as a group) or 85% of the WTO’s membership.
  • 4 documents described as notes, technical submissions, discussion papers
  • Secretariat background papers

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See below for full details. Documents listed here are downloadable in MS Word format, newest documents first.

  • Communication from Peru 9 May 2001 (1 page, 35KB) (This notifies that Peru is joining sponsorship of three proposals from groupings of developing countries.)

After 23 March 2001

For 22–23 March 2001 meeting

For 5–7 February 2001 meeting

For 15–17 November 2000 meeting

For 28–29 September 2000 meeting

  • Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Peru, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zimbabwe: Market access, 28 September 2000 (8 pages, 91KB) and correction (adds Haiti to list of proposers, 1 page, 32KB)
  • Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (MERCOSUR), Chile, Bolivia and Costa Rica: Discussion paper on Export subsidies — food security or food dependency? 27 September 2000 (3 pages, 37KB)
  • Barbados, Burundi, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominica, Estonia, EU, Fiji, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Saint Lucia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Trinidad and Tobago: Note on non-trade concerns, 22 September 2000, revised 9 November 2000 (64 pages, 1.37MB)
  • Cairns Group: Domestic support, 22 September 2000 (2 pages, 39KB)
  • EU: Export competition, 18 September 2000 (6 pages, 53KB)

For 29–30 June 2000 meeting

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See below for full details. Documents listed here are downloadable in MS Word format.

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22–23 March 2001 statements

5–7 February 2001 statements

15–17 November 2000 statements

28-29 September 2000 statements

29-30 June 2000 statements

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