Webcasting June / July 2006 modalities meetings

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1 July 2006: ‘We are now in crisis.’ Director-General to try to break impasse
Video: Highlights from the press conference

1 July 2006: Press Conference: Japan
Video: Mr. Nakagawa, Minister for Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries and Mr. Nikai, Minister for Economics, Trade and Industry

1 July 2006: Press Conference: Switzerland
Video: Mr. Joseph Deiss, Minister of Economics

1 July 2006: Press Conference: European Union
Video: Mr. Peter Mandelson and Ms. Mariann Fischer Boel

1 July 2006: Press Conference: G 20

1 July 2006: Press Conference: USA
Video: Ms. Susan Schwab, United States Trade Representative and Mr. Mike Johanns, United States Department of Agriculture Secretary

30 June 2006: Press Conference: USA
Video: Technical Briefing by Jason Hafemeister, Agriculture and Nancy Adams, NAMA

30 June 2006: Press Conference: Brazil
Video: Mr. Celso Amorim, Minister for External Relations

30 June 2006: Joint Press Conference: G-90
Video: Mr. Deepak Patel; Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Zambia — Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi; Minister for Trade and Industry, Kenya - Mr. Madan M. Dulloo; Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mauritius

30 June 2006: Press conference: G-33
Video: Ms. Mari Pagnestu, Minister of Trade of Indonesia