Issues covered by the WTO’s committees and agreements

WTO workshop on technical assistance and capacity building in trade facilitation



WTO Secretariat, 10-11 May 2001 in Geneva

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Welcoming remarks by Mr. Mike Moore, WTO Director-General

Session 1

  • Mr. Leonid Lozbenko, Deputy Secretary General, World Customs Organization
    > Download “The WCO Experience in T&TA and Capacity Building”, Powerpoint presentation, 145KB

  • Mr. Jean Gurunlian, Director, SITE, UNCTAD and Mr. Maxence Orthlieb, Economic Affairs Officer, SITE, UNCTAD
    > Download “UNCTAD — Technical Assistance in Trade Facilitation”, MS Word format, 6 pages, 161KB
    > Download “UNCTAD — Technical Assistance and Capacity Building in Trade Facilitation”, Powerpoint presentation, 134KB

  • Mr. Peter M. Kalil, Chief, Integration, Trade and Hemispheric Issues Division, Inter-American Development Bank
    > Download presentation, 2 pages, 30KB

  • Mr. John S. Wilson, Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank
    > Download “Trade Facilitation Lending by the World Bank, Recent Experience, Research, and Capacity Building Initiatives”, MS Word, 19 pages, 412KB
    > Download “Trade Facilitation and Development: Recent World Bank Experience”, Powerpoint presentation, 57KB

  • Mr. James T. Walsh, Senior Economist, Tax Coordination Division, IMF
    > Download “Customs Administration Modernization: The Role of IMF Technical Assistance”, MS Word, 6 pages, 86KB


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Session 2

  • Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Director, International Affairs and Research Division, Customs and Tariff Bureau, Japan
    > Download “Overview of Technical Assistance Activities by Japan Customs”, Powerpoint presentation, 1MB

  • Mr. John Clarke, Coordinator, WTO Affairs, WTO Division, DG Trade, Commission of the European Communities
    > Download “Presentation by the European Commission — WTO Trade Facilitation”, MS Word, 5 pages, 343KB
    > Download “Trade Related Technical Assistance — Summary, MS Word, 6 pages, 436KB

  • Mr. Rob van Kuik, Senior Policy Advisor, Netherlands Customs Administration
    > Download “Practical Experiences of an EU Member State's Customs Administration in Providing Technical Assistance”, MS Word, 6 pages, 35KB

  • Mr. William A. Claypole, Director, Strategic International and Domestic Partnerships Division, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency with Mr. Pierre Trudel, Manager, Training and Technical Assistance, Origin and Valuation Policy Division, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
    > Download “Canada’s Experience in Technical Assistance and Capacity Building in Trade Facilitation”, Powerpoint presentation, 60KB
    > Download “Canada Customs & Revenue Agency (CCRA) — International Co-operation in Trade Facilitation”, MS Word, 9 pages, 85KB
    > Download “New Directions for APEC's Trade Facilitation Agenda”, Portable Document Format, 19 pages, 160KB
    > Download “Canada’s New Work on Trade Facilitation in the APEC Committee on Trade and Investment”, MS Word, 1 page, 21KB


Session 3

  • Mr. H. Cahit Soysal, Director General of Turkish Customs
    > Download “Modernisation Project of Turkish Customs”, MS Word, 5 pages, 37KB
    > Download “Modernisation Project of Turkish Customs”, Powerpoint presentation, 2MB

  • Mr. Georges M. Jereos, Deputy Commissioner, Philippines Customs
    > Download presentation in MS Word, 9 pages, 49KB
    > Download Powerpoint presentation, 297KB

  • Mr. José E. Gutiérrez Ossio, Director, Reform and Modernization Program, Bolivia Customs
    > Download “Customs Reform and Modernization Program”, 430KB

  • Mr. Mahmoud Wafa, National Project Director, ASYCUDA Project, Jordanian Customs Department
    > Download “Implementation of the ASYCUDA System in Jordan as Means of Facilitating Trade”, MS Word, 10 pages, 54KB
    > Download “Customs Clearance Processes through Asycuda/Jordan DTI Preparation of Declarations”, Powerpoint presentation, 265KB

  • Mr. Mobarak A. Molla, Project Director, Bangladesh Customs Administration Modernisation Project
    > Download “Technical Assistance & Capacity Building For Trade Facilitation — The Experiences Of Bangladesh”, MS Word, 6 pages, 35KB
    > Download  “Technical Assistance & Capacity Building For Trade Facilitation — The Experiences Of Bangladesh”, Powerpoint presentation, 31KB

  • Mr. Ibrahima Diagne, Directeur du Marketing et de la Coopération Internationale, Ministère du Commerce, Sénégal
    > Download “Technical Assistance & Capacity Building For Trade Facilitation — The Experience Of Sengal” (in French), MS Word, 15 pages, 86KB


Session 4

  • Mr. Julian Oliver, Director General, IECC
    > Download Powerpoint presentation, 40KB

  • Ms. Comfort Boohene-Osafo, Deputy Commissioner, Customs Excise and Preventive Service, Ghana
    > Download “Destination Inspection Scheme (DIS) as a Gateway Objective for CEPS Modernisation, Compliance and Trade Facilitation”, Powerpoint presentation, 103KB

  • Mr. Michael J. Moffett, General Manager, Gateway Services Limited
    > Download “Gateway Services Limited — An Overview of the GSL Concept”, Powerpoint presentation, 161KB

  • Ms. Sue Welsh, Chief Executive Officer, Cross Street Trade Inc.
    > Download MS Word presentation, 2 pages, 31KB
    > Download “Using Technology to Facilitate Trade”, Powerpoint presentation, 372KB

  • Mr. Noriyoshi Osumi, Executive Manager, NTT Communications Corporation, Japan
    > Download “How Does NTT Group Contribute to Trade Facilitation?”, MS Word, 3 pages, 51KB
    > Download “Private Sector Participation in Capacity Building and Technical Assistance”, Powerpoint presentation, 1.2MB

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