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Decision on Certain Dispute Settlement Procedures for the General Agreement on Trade in Services

     Ministers decide to recommend that the Council for Trade in Services at its first meeting adopt the decision set out below.

The Council for Trade in Services,

     Taking into account the specific nature of the obligations and specific commitments of the Agreement, and of trade in services, with respect to dispute settlement under Articles XXII and XXIII,

     Decides as follows:

1.     A roster of panelists shall be established to assist in the selection of panelists. 

2.     To this end, Members may suggest names of individuals possessing the qualifications referred to in paragraph 3 for inclusion on the roster, and shall provide a curriculum vitae of their qualifications including, if applicable, indication of sector-specific expertise. 

3.     Panels shall be composed of well-qualified governmental and/or non-governmental individuals who have experience in issues related to the General Agreement on Trade in Services and/or trade in services, including associated regulatory matters.  Panelists shall serve in their individual capacities and not as representatives of any government or organisation. 

4.     Panels for disputes regarding sectoral matters shall have the necessary expertise relevant to the specific services sectors which the dispute concerns.

5.     The Secretariat shall maintain the roster and shall develop procedures for its administration in consultation with the Chairman of the Council.

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