Workshop on Electronic Commerce 5 July, 10:00ľ16:10 ľ WTO, Room W

A workshop organized by the permanent missions of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia (MIKTA).

The Workshop on Electronic Commerce will feature private sector speakers and public sector representatives. Experts from non-governmental and international organizations will share the results of their research on this topic.

The workshop will analyse trends in trade and trade policy in electronic commerce and the digital economy, and will highlight the relationship between e-commerce, development, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It will also address a broad range of regulatory topics, including data flows, privacy, cloud computing, data localization and consumer protection. 

MIKTA is an innovative partnership that brings together Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia in a consultative forum aimed at advancing the common interests of the international community.



10:00 Opening Remarks

    Ambassador Choi Kyonglim, Permanent Representative of the Korean Mission

Congratulatory Remarks

Session 1

10:10-11:30 E-Commerce and the Digital Economy:

Trends in trade & trade policy – how far we have come and what next?

Moderator : Ambassador Hamish McCormick, Permanent Representative of the Australian Mission

    1. E-Commerce and WTO
    Ms. Lee Tuthill, Counselor, Trade in Services and Investment Division, WTO

    2. Advancing e-commerce & digital trade agenda through public-private partnership
    Mr. Sean Doherty, Head, Int’l Trade & Investment, World Economic Forum

    3. The Impacts of ICT & e-commerce on bilateral trade flows
    Mr. Julien Grollier, Program Officer, CUTS International, Geneva
    Mr. Zhongwei Xing, Consultant, CUTS International, Geneva


Session 2

11:30- 12:50 E-Commerce, Development, and SMEs

Moderator : Ambassador Alfredo Suescum, Permanent Representative of the Panama Mission, Friend of the GC Chair on the Work Programme on E-Commerce

    1. Unlocking the Potential of E-Commerce for Developing Countries
    Mr. Torbjorn Fredriksson, Officer in Charge, Science, Technology and ICT Branch, UNCTAD

    2. Linking small enterprises to the world of e-commerce: lessons from the field
    Mr. Marcos Vaena, Enterprise Competitiveness Section, ITC

    3. Customs and logistics issues that SMEs are facing in e-commerce
    Mr. Carlos Grau Tanner, Director-General, Global Express Association


Session 3

14:00-15:20 Issues at Stake: Data flows, privacy, cloud computing, data localization & consumer protection

Moderator : Ambassador Fernando De Mateo y Venturini, Permanent Representative of the Mexican Mission

    1. The nexus between the traditional and business-to-business sectors and data protection and localization
    Mr. Nick Ashton-Hart, Consultant and Associate Fellow, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

    2. Booming e-commerce: Is that a fight with regulations & perceptions?
    Prof. Leyla Keser, Director of IT Law Institute, Bilgi University

    3. Unlocking opportunities: Consumer trust and confidence in cross border e-commerce
    Ms. Liz Coll, Digital Policy Advisor, Consumer International

    4. Data Protection Regulations and International Data Flows: Implications for Trade and Development
    Ms. Cécile Barayre, Economic Affairs Officer, ICT Analysis Section, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD


Wrap-up Session

15:20-16:00 What’s next?

Moderator : Andrew Crosby, Managing Director, ICTSD

Speaker: Participating Experts and other Participants

16:00-16:10 Closing Remarks

Ambassador Choi Kyonglim, Permanent Representative of the Korean Mission

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