MIKTA Workshop: The WTO and Agenda 2030 A workshop organized by Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea (ROK), Turkey and Australia (MIKTA) 12 October 2016, From 10:30 — WTO, Room W

The agreement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) made 2015 a seminal year in international cooperation. All international organisations must now consider their potential contributions to the implementation of these ambitious Agenda 2030 outcomes. The WTO is no exception.

MIKTA countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia) are true friends of the multilateral system and share a commitment to open economies, human rights and democracy. This positions them strongly to contribute to discussions on the WTO and Agenda 2030. This workshop explores the history and content of Agenda 2030 as it relates to trade, features detailed discussions of selected areas of Agenda 2030 relevant WTO work and provides a forum for an open exchange on new ideas for moving forward.


Workshop Programme

10h 30 — 10h 45 Opening Remarks

  • HE Hamish McCormick (PR Australia)
  • Mr Aik Hoe Lim (WTO)

10h 45 — 11h 30: Session 1: Agenda 2030 — History and Trade Connection
Moderator: HE Hamish McCormick, PR of Australia to the WTO

  • Mr Karsten Steinfatt (WTO) — Agenda 2030 negotiations and outcome
  • Ms Alice Tipping (ICTSD) — Trade Related SDGs

11h 30 — 13h 00: Session 2: WTO and Agenda 2030 — Deep Dives
Moderator: HE Kyong-Lim Choi, PR of Korea to the WTO

  • Mr Marcus Bartley-Johns (WBG) — WTO, Aid for Trade, Financing and Agenda 2030
  • Mr Quan Zhao (ITC) — WTO, Services and Agenda 2030


15h 00 — 16h 30 Session 3: WTO and Agenda 2030 — Deep Dives
Moderator: Mr Simon Farbenbloom, DPR of Australia to the WTO

  • Mr Cristophe Bellman (ICTSD) — WTO, Fisheries Subsidies and Agenda 2030
  • Mr Melvin Spreij (STDF) — WTO, Agriculture and Agenda 2030

16h 30 — 17h 00 Session 4: High level wrap up
Moderator: Miho Shirotori, Chief, Global and Regional Trade Analysis Section (UNCTAD)

  • Mrs María Cristina Hernández-Zermeño (DPR Mexico)
  • HE Kyong-Lim Choi (PR Korea)
  • Mr Hüseyin Güngör (DPR Turkey)
  • HE Hamish McCormick (PR Australia)



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