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Online chat with WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy

WTO Trade and Development: myth or reality?

The chat took place on 21 February 2006. Read the transcript. News item.


The World Trade Organization launched a new round of world trade talks dubbed the “Doha Development Agenda” in 2001. Now more than four years on with the round winding towards it's conclusion many politicians, commentators and civil society are asking questions:

  • How much of the promise of Doha can be met in these negotiations?
  • What kind of a result would best suit developing countries?
  • How important a tool is trade in contributing to the alleviation of poverty?
  • What does the rise of big developing countries mean for the rest of the developing world?
  • Is the WTO the right place to regulate trade in the 21st century?

WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy wants to listen to YOUR views and will be answering YOUR questions during an on-line chat.