Online chat with WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy

Aid for Trade

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At the 2005 Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, Ministers asked me to play a co-ordinating role in helping governments, both donors and recipients, to make Aid for Trade a more important part of their development efforts. Since then, a lot has been done by governments, the private sector, NGOs, international organizations and regional development institutions. Actors from all these parties will be in Geneva for a big meeting 20-21 November to take this Aid for Trade programme to a more operational level.

Director-General Pascal Lamy answered about 70 questions from all over the globe in a live on-line chat on 16 November 2007. The hour-long chat touched on many trade issues, in particular the Doha Round and Aid for Trade. Mr. Lamy welcomed the opportunity to hear YOUR views and take YOUR questions during this chat.