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Rules for participation in WTO on-line forums

WTO on-line forums are a venue to exchange views and information on issues of international trade and the WTO. Your participation is welcome and we hope you will benefit from a frank exchange with other participants from around the world. The WTO welcomes a diversity of views on each of the issues addressed in the forums. To ensure that everyone benefits from this exchange and expression of views we would ask that participants respect the following simple rules.

Rules for participation in WTO on-line forums

  • Conduct: It is strictly forbidden to post messages, material or links which are defamatory, obscene, abusive or threatening.
  • Liability and Responsibility: Each participant is solely and legally responsible and liable for any content he or she posts to a forum. Participants may only post material for which they have obtained a right to distribute electronically. Participants agree to hold the sponsors of the WTO on-line forums harmless from any and all liability arising from any material they have posted to an on-line forum.
  • Accuracy: The WTO as sponsor of the on-line forum can not guarantee the accuracy of any statements made by non-WTO participants in these on-line forums.
  • Attribution: The WTO on-line forums are a means for free expression of views between participants, each of which is speaking in their personal capacity. For this reason, participants in any forum should not quote the posting of other participants as representing anything but their personal views.
  • Copyright and Fair Use: Each participant in a WTO on-line forum retains the copyright of any material or links to material they might post to a forum. However, participants who post such material authorize other participants in the forum to make personal or customary use of that work, including creating links or re-posting such material to other internet sites, but not otherwise to reproduce or disseminate these material unless permission is obtained. Any WTO material downloaded from a forum can only be used outside the forum if permission has been obtained from the WTO and the WTO is given credit as the source of the material.
    The WTO retains the right to refuse or delete any message that is considered a violation of the above rules. Further, any participant found to be in violation of the rules can be denied access to any future forums.

    The WTO retains the right to archive all comments made during a forum as part of a permanent record of the forum which will be accessible on-line for whatever period is deemed useful by the WTO.

    The WTO will not share any information participants provide about themselves as participants in a forum with any other party, with the exception of any other organization co-sponsoring the specific on-line forum for which the information has been provided.