NGO position papers

NGOs are invited to submit position papers reflecting their views on trade-related topics. These papers will be circulated for information to WTO members.

This is in accordance with the Guidelines for Arrangements on Relations with Non-Governmental Organizations (WT/L/162) and as a follow-up to the Director-General's initiative on greater transparency and enhanced dialogue with NGOs.

The list of NGO position papers received by the WTO Secretariat and circulated to members is shown below. For access to papers that are not available electronically, please contact Ms. Prisca Nicolovici in the Information and External Relations Division.

NGOs wishing to submit position papers to the WTO Secretariat must send them to the following email address: [email protected]

Only position papers related to the activities of the WTO will be accepted. The title of the position paper must be provided in all three official WTO languages (English, French and Spanish). NGO monthly newsletters, brochures, announcements etc. will not be accepted.

The WTO Secretariat reserves the right not to accept material which does not fulfil these requirements as well as to change the requirements at any given time.