Faces of the WTO

Interviews with Secretariat officials


With 800 members of staff, the WTO Secretariat is a multicultural team:  No fewer than 70 nationalities are represented among its officials.  Staff members include economists, lawyers, translators, interpreters, technicians, public relations experts, and trade policy specialists.  Their role is to provide independent and high‑quality expertise and to assist WTO Members in the trade negotiations.  They also monitor and analyse developments in world trade and the trade policies implemented by Members, and provide information to the press and the general public in the interests of transparency and predictability.  The Secretariat is also responsible for providing technical assistance to developing and least developed countries.

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In this series of profiles, ten members of staff and the Director‑General describe their daily work and their vision of the Organization.  They also tell us about their origins and career path and give us their thoughts on international Geneva.