Steering Committee of the Parliamentary Conference on the WTO

Organizational matters relating to the Parliamentary Conference on the WTO are handled by a Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is composed of around 30 representatives from various member parliaments of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the European Parliament and other international organizations. It is supported by the Secretariats of the IPU and the European Parliament. The WTO (Information and External Relations Division) observes Steering Committee meetings at the Committee's invitation and provides up-to-date information on developments in the Doha Round of negotiations.

The Director-General, senior staff of the WTO, the Chair of the WTO General Council and Geneva-based ambassadors are often invited to the Steering Committee meetings to brief legislators on the latest developments in the Doha Development Agenda.

Director-General speeches at Steering Committee meetings

> DG's opening address to the Steering Committee meeting on 22 June 2006

> DG's address to the Steering Committee at IPU Headquarters on 22 - 23 September 2005