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By creating a free account you will be able to receive email alerts on your areas of interest and personalize your settings on the WTO website.

Account types

Choose the account type which best describes your status. The three options are: WTO delegate, journalist, public.

WTO delegate

If you are designated by your government as a WTO delegate, and you already have an individual account, please log in with your usual password. If you do not yet have an individual account, please contact your delegation coordinator to request one. Please note that the designation of "WTO delegate" is decided only by WTO members and observer governments. The WTO Secretariat does not take any decisions on eligibility for this designation.


Choose this option if you are a professional journalist and wish to receive access to the media newsroom on the WTO website. You will be required to supply additional details concerning the media organization you represent and the contact details of your supervisor or assignment editor. These will be examined by the WTO and, if your application is accepted, you will receive details on how to access the media newsroom. You will also be able to receive e-mail notifications concerning embargoed press releases and other advance material.

Journalist registration


If you are not a WTO delegate or journalist, please choose this option

Public registration



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