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Vera Thorstensen, Professor of International Trade at FGV – Brazil, Chair of the Brazilian Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade


This Working Session will discuss the challenges of Sustainability Standards for developing countries SMEs trade and what are the options for the WTO system to address it. There is a reasonable concern amongst SMEs that this new regulatory mechanism could bring arbitrary and illegitimate barriers to trade in costs reducing their competitiveness in international markets. International trade has experienced a rise in quantity and level of requirements in sustainability standards. The role of the WTO should be to assess the legitimacy, effectiveness and accountability of such standards if the WTO wants to stand for inclusive trade.


  • Gabrielle Marceau, Counselor in the Legal Affair Division, WTO
  • Scott Andersen, Partner at Sidley Austin LLP
  • Reinhard Weissinger, Senior Expert, Research and Education at the Central Secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Ulrich Hoffmann, UNFSS Consultant
  • Joseph Wozniak,Program Manager for ITC