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James K. Lockett, Vice President for Trade Facilitation and Market Access at Huawei Technologies

Simon Lacey, Senior Expert for Trade Facilitation and Market Access at Huawei Technologies


The working session will focus on how global trade rules can facilitate bridging of the digital divide. It will provide a forum for constructive debate and engagement on the contribution that ICT, particularly mobile, big-data and cloud, can make to bridging the digital divide and providing opportunities for more inclusive engagement in international trade by all stakeholders big and small, particularly in the developing world.

The working session will also discuss trends in the digital economy and the kind of rules‑based system it needs in order to continue being an engine of global and inclusive economic growth in future. The session will also explore the very important role the WTO has played since its establishment in underpinning the growth of the digital economy and whether international rule-making on the digital economy should be brought back into the WTO fold, thereby allowing these rules to benefit from the legitimacy, transparency and enforceability of the WTO system.


  • Okechukwu E. Enelamah, Honourable Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment of Nigeria
  • Marcos Vaena, Chief, Enterprise Competitiveness at International Trade Centre, Geneva
  • Usman Ahmed, Head of Public Affairs at PayPal, Washington DC
  • Hosuk Lee-Makiyama Director, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE), Brussels.
  • Pierre Sauvé, World Trade Institute, Berne