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Richard Morton - Secretary General, IPCSA (International)


The WTO Public Forum Session "Port Community Systems – Gateways for SME's to Single Window Trade Facilitation measures" will provide an insight as to how SME's can be engaged in trade facilitation through an interactive panel of presentations and discussions. It will highlight how the Electronic Exchange of information is critical if inclusive trade is to be achieved for Small and Medium‑Sized enterprises. However, many do not have the necessary resources or knowledge to do this and their size reduces the possibilities to engage directly. However, Port Community Systems are able to provide a gateway for SME's to benefit from the measures that governments are implementation related to Trade facilitation. The session will provide examples of PCS, and what they are and how SME's have been able to benefit from Trade Facilitation measures.


  • Hans Rook - Vice-Chairman, IPCSA (International)
  • Richard Morton - Secretary General, IPCSA (International)
  • Yann Alix - Head of Strategy, SOGET (France)
  • Nadia Hafsi – Head of Marketing, PORTNET (Morocco)
  • Olivier Moreau - Vice President Business Development Government Services & International Trade, Bureau Veritas (France)
  • Oleksandr Federov – Director, PPL 33-35 (Ukraine)
  • John Foord – President, FONASBA (International)