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Andrea Ewart, President, OWIT International; CEO/President, DevelopTradeLaw, LLC

Gender and size are two factors that can limit the ability of companies, wherever located, to integrate into the global market. Two established pathways that facilitate global entry are: (1) as suppliers to global companies, and (2) through the use of innovation and technology to create a unique market or platform for entry into foreign markets. Either pathway has its challenges.

OWIT, a global organization of over 2,000 women and men involved in and committed to the advancement of women in international business and trade, presents "Shaping the Rules to Facilitate Active Participation of SMEs and Women in Global Markets". OWIT's members, who include policymakers, legislators/rulemakers, and representatives from businesses – large and small – will share the real-world experiences and insights of its members on:

  • Barriers to participation by SMEs and women-owned small businesses (WOSBs).
  • Success stories as SMEs, WOSBs, technology-based firms.
  • Extent to which existing rules inhibit or facilitate inherent advantages of SMEs, WOSBs and technology-based firms.
  • Importance of business-support groups, role models, mentors.


  • Angela Marshall Hofmann, President, World Strategies
  • Beuloria Williams, Import/Export & Supply Chain Manager, Barry Callebaut
  • Sarah Richson, Global HR Director, Techno Brain Group
  • Janet Strong, Sales Manager/Global Strategies, Zircoa Inc. & former co-owner of SME
  • Evelyn Suero, Lawyer, Speaker on women entrepreneurship & international business
  • Vicki Wilkerson, Global Trade Manager, Salesforce.com