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Daniel Bertossa, Director of Policy, PSI


The leaking of the draft texts of the proposed TiSA offer the public significant access to understand the objectives and detail of the intended treaty. This panel brings together trade in services experts with years of experience that have analysed the proposed text, and will offer diverse perspectives as to whether the proposed rules would contribute to inclusive prosperity, democratic decision-making and access to quality, accessible public services as envisioned in the Sustainable Development Goals. Experts will cover the core text as well as chapters relating to the function of governments including Domestic Regulation, Transparency, Government Procurement, Mode 4, and State-Owned Enterprises, as well as the New Provisions Applicable to All Services, and sectoral chapters including E-commerce, financial services, and energy services, and a cross‑sectoral perspective on public services.


  • Yvonne Theemann, Senior Program Officer, FES, Geneva
  • Christina J. Colclough, UNI Global Union, Nyon
  • Tony Salvador - Lawyer, IDEALS, Philippines
  • Deborah James, Director of International Programs, Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), USA
  • Adhemar S. Mineiro, Economic Advisor, Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT), Brazil
  • Daniel Bertossa, Director of Policy, Public Services International (PSI), France
  • Sanya Reid Smith, Senior Researcher, Third World Network, Geneva