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Marco Marzano de Marinis, Secretary General of WFO, Rome, Italy


Innovation is the process by which individuals or organizations master and implement the design and production of goods and services that are new to them, irrespective of whether they are new to their competitors, their country, or the world. An innovation system is a network of organizations, enterprises, and individuals focused on bringing new products, new processes, and new forms of organization into economic use, together with the institutions and policies that affect their behaviour and performance.

Innovation in agriculture is widely recognized as a major source of improved productivity, competitiveness, and economic growth throughout advanced and emerging economies. Innovation also plays an important role in creating jobs, generating income, alleviating poverty, and driving social development. The use of innovative techniques also plays an enormous role in strengthening farmers' access, especially women, in trading systems at local, national and international levels, by improving farmers' competitiveness and productivity.


  • William Rolleston, Vice President of WFO, Wellington
  • Luis Miguel Etchevehere, Board member of WFO, Buenos Aires
  • Charles Ogang, Board member of WFO, Kampala
  • Benjamin Morrison, Alliances for Action, ITC, Geneva, Switzerland