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John Neuffer, President and CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association 


Expansion of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), which will eliminate tariffs on 201 high-tech product lines, is the ultimate example of an "inclusive trade" deal. While big global tech companies have actively supported this landmark deal, the biggest beneficiaries of ITA expansion are ordinary users of high-tech products, from teachers to small business owners, in developing and developed countries alike. Information communication technology (ICT) products are powerful in that they enhance the productivity and innovative capacity of every individual, firm and industry they touch. This working session will highlight how consumers and SMEs benefit from ITA expansion, and how cheaper imports of component parts and end-products contribute to digital innovation and drive new and emerging applications.


  • Stephen Ezell, Vice President of Global Innovation Policy, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)
  • Ralph Carter- Managing Director of Trade & International Affairs, Fedex Express
  • James Lockett, Vice President, Head of Trade Facilitation and Market Access, Huawei Technologies
  • Sophie Jacobs, Senior Public Policy Manger, Intel Corporation