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Lichia Yiu, President, CSEND, Director, CSEND, Geneva


Reports from the field and relevant literature indicate that despite international efforts in providing support (trade capacity building), LDCs and LI-DCs countries are often not able to improve their trade and development performance due to deficient trade and development policy coordination at inter-ministerial level and inadequate if not absent trade consultation with private sector and trade related CSOs. The objective of this workshop is to identify persistent causes of inefficient and ineffective trade policy coordination and consultation and to propose positive scenarios (best practice examples) of policy mechanisms and related enabling organizational and institutional factors which demonstrate positive impact on a country's trade and development performance. The panellists of this workshop have many years of work experiences of trade policy coordination and consultation in LDCs and LI-DCs and will able to provide case examples of trade coordination and consultation and will suggest ways to improve current impasses and dysfunctional governance mechanisms.


  • Raymond Saner, Director, DiplomacyDialogue, CSEND, Geneva
  • Stuart Harbinson, Former Permanent Representative of Hong Kong, China and former WTO Director
  • Taffere Tesfachew, former Director, Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes, UNCTAD
  • Magdi Faharat, former Egyptian chief negotiator & former UNECA representative in Geneva
  • Friedrich von Kirchbach, former Director, Division of Country Programmes, ITC, Geneva
  • Guillermo Valles, Director of International Trade on Goods, Services and Commodities
  • Rajesh Aggrawal, Chief, Business and Trade Policy, ITC, Geneva
  • Mario Kakabadse, Counsellor, Trade Policy Review, WTO, Geneva
  • Rashid S. Kaukab, Executive Director, CUTS International, Geneva
  • Hannes Schloemann LL.M., Director,  WTI Advisors Ltd, Geneva