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Dacio Castillo, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Honduras to the World Trade Organization


This session will focus on how can CSR Initiatives / Programs help make trade more inclusive. This would relate to the theme of this year’s Public Forum through the impact of the CSR initiatives on beneficiaries through integrating them in the global value chain, thus ensuring “Inclusive Trade” while empowering such beneficiaries to be entrepreneurs and generate good income through trade activities. The objectives of this session will be:

To shed light on the importance of the role of CSR in making trade more inclusive through integrating groups such as poor, low income families in the global value chain
To discuss how CSR initiatives can play a more fundamental role in this context
To discuss how CSR is good for the business and can save money
To discuss CSR and support for job seekers
To share examples of good CSR models
To address CSR challenges.


  • Khalid Abdullah Al-Massan, Chief Executive Officer, Oman Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)  Development Foundation
  • Abdul-Amir Abdul-Hussain Al-Ajmi, External Affairs and Value Creation Director, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
  • Khalid Alsafi Al-Haribi, Deputy CEO for Operations, the Public Authority for SMEsDevelopment (RIYADA)
  • Marcos Vaena, Chief, Enterprise Competitiveness, Division of Business and Institutional Support, International Trade Center (ITC)