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El Hadji Diouf, Expert en Commerce Multilatéral, TradeCom II


The session will look at offers of trade-related technical assistance for ACP countries, with a particular emphasis on TradeCom, which is a joint programme organized by the ACP Secretariat and the European Commission. The session will also examine the need to help ACP countries to effectively integrate into the world economy, namely through:

  • the development and implementation of appropriate trade policies;
  • the effective participation of ACP countries in international trade negotiations and the implementation of the resulting agreements, to the benefit of ACP countries; and
  • the strengthening of the competitiveness of the private sector in ACP countries through trade facilitation and promotion.

The eligibility criteria for and benefits of the programme will be presented. The session will focus on building and strengthening the trade capacities of ACP countries at national and regional level by means of a combination of measures involving technical assistance and capacity building.


  • Ahmed Ndyeshobola, Chef d’Equipe, TradeCom II (Programme conjoint ACP/EU)
  • Tiina Satuli, Expert en Commerce, Délégation de l’UE auprès de l’OMC à Genève
  • Marwa Joel Kisiri, Ambassadeur, Secrétariat ACP, Bureau de Genève
  • Antoine Barbry, Conseiller pour les questions économiques et de développement, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie OIF (Geneva)
  • Zhuawu Collin, Conseiller aux affaires économiques, Secrétariat du Commonwealth (Genève)