Visions for trade

During the 2018 Public Forum, entitled Trade 2030, participants were invited to share their visions for trade. These visions serve as a reminder of their hopes and aspirations for a future of trade that is sustainable, inclusive and leaves no one behind. The visions were pinned to a "Vision tree" located in the WTO's Atrium. The tree has subsequently been planted by DDG Alan Wm. Wolff in the grounds of the WTO.


  • Inclusive trade, especially for youth & women.
  • A diverse & inclusive environment that caters to the needs of all especially the most vulnerable in society & addresses the needs of SIDS!!
  • Filled with happiness.
  • Sustainable collaboration.
  • To be strong and move to the goals!!!
  • A just multilateral trading system and not trade wars.
  • Fair trade always!
  • Trade to complement the efforts of bringing basic needs to those who need it in forgotten parts of the world.
  • To see a world without hunger.
  • Still happening (with more from LDCs).
  • Innovation and clarity for Russia.
  • Gender inclusive Trade Policy.
  • Every countries' right to produce food for its own population.
  • A multilateral trading system with a focus on inclusiveness.
  • Bright.
  • PAX.
  • The year by when all global trade will be free, there will be no tariffs or NTBs or subsidies and all can compete on the merits.
  • Trade that promotes inclsuive, sustainable development and enabling a healthy environment.
  • A renewed and reinvigorated global trading system!
  • That it connects people and reduces poverty.
  • Having more developed countries supporting developing countries in respect of TFA.
  • Facilitate trade for SMEs and women.
  • Service-driven, with manufacturing solely by robots. Requisite retraining for humans, of course.
  • Leveraging technology to revolutionize and simplfy current systems.
  • Open data to end hunger.
  • Fair rights for artists.
  • Equitable and Sustainable Trade.
  • No tariffs for clean technologies.
  • Inclusive & Sustainable.
  • Sustainability and SDGs. All of them. They will contribute to a better world and increase of trade.
  • Utilizing the Human Potential
  • Free food 4 all.
  • Improved livelihoods for farmers and their families.
  • More globalized. Embrace trade, embrace globalisation. Nobody can stop the trend.
  • A Multilateral Trading System where trade rules are crafted to maximise inclusive development and not trade per se.
  • Inclusive
  • International trade that works for all people, especially women and Indigenous peoples!
  • Innovations in IT.
  • That social and ecological aspects are included in trade talks. Food has to be seen as a sensitive good.
  • Inclusive trade that helps to reduce poverty and increase welfare.
  • Do things I love, the rest outsourced and automized!
  • Place SMEs at the heart of trade policy.
  • One where there are opportunities for economic empowerment. Independence!
  • The multilateral trading system we all know and love.
  • To help all people receive the full benefits of trade #SheTrades
  • Fluid and with diversified players
  •   G
    but from every little village.
  • Pro fair and inclusive trade scenario!
  • Sustainable practices and free trade in clean tech. Trade for environment and people not just for itself.
  • Trade that is shaped by those that will be affected by it - the youth. Their voice must be heard!
  • Fair Trade.
  • Belarus finally joins the WTO.
  • Gender-inclusive.
  • Everyone, women or men, rich or poor, can participate in trade!
  • Trade that creates a healthy planet.
  • Inclusive and involves all especially my continent AFRICA! It's about time we benefit.
  • Based on and functioning with multilateral rules.
  • Green, Sustainable and Inclusive Trade.
  • Ecommerce provides jobs, possibilities, products, profits for Africa 2030
  • True free trade in the Libertarian sense.
  • Inclusive and sustainable, where the food security is achieved fully and where all the countries can participate fully to the global trade!!
  • Free shipping and no commissions on transactions.
  • That Africa becomes a major player, 4 international trade.
  • True development results that are equitably distributed and aligned with SDGs.
  • Seeing smallholder farmers getting access to AgTech.
  • Fairness :) 
  • Quantum computing driving trade networks.
  • Sustainability resilience!
  • More globalized. Inclusive and sustainable.
  • 1$ for 30 Roubles.
  • More leadership, women leadership.
  • Fantastic First Time hope that support more innovation.
  • Hope we will have still good fruit and wine.
  • That every entrepreneur in the world will be able to sell to anyone around the globe ONLINE!
  • Every country has the right to produce food to its own population. Free-trade agreements must acknowledge this!
  • E-commerce for MSMEs.
  • Des innovations, et du progrès.
  • Carbon neutral.
  • More important.
  • Sustainable and we use less plastic things around the world.
  • Going to be sustainable in a world in peace and without poverty.
  • A more inclusive place for developing countries.
  • Easy Market access for the LDCs.
  • Electronic.
  • Más inclusivo y justo.
  • Seamless trade and no trade war.
  • E-commerce.
  • Sustainable.
  • Super developed technologies leading the world commerce in peaceful manner.
  • To support the environment and provide equitable benefits for all.
  • To include people who can benefit from it.
  • WTO is stronger than ever and multilateralism is the norm!!!
  • The creation of an inclusive trading system that especially recognizes the role of women in the world economy.
  • That Russian sanctions are removed.
  • Fair and open to each economy, without tensions and retaliations.
  • Give an electricity to vulnerable populations.
  • More technologies and progress.
  • Utopia, as utopia is just the realization of the future.
  • Libre comercio para mypimes.
  • Free trade that allows in the developing world.
  • Trade without borders.
  • Equity among nations.
  • To promote sustainable value networks in the Agribusiness network. Produce and consume responsibly.
  • Trade that takes into account the particular difficulties faced by small developing states.
  • Diversity.
  • The perfect storm of AI, 3D printing & blockchain.
  • A very pertinent and interesting event, that will inspire and give hope for many countries regarding trade.
  • A more inclusive trading system geared towards development.
  • Inclusive and alleviates poverty.
  • That Africa will be viewed as a continent with potential rather than a beggar. Trade for All!
  • For young leaders to step up!
  • Wish CO2 FREE WORLD.
  • More trade in services.
  • Innovation.
  • Trade supports inclusivity.
  • Un commerce qui nous rapproche au lieu de nous éloigner les un des autres.
  • Developed tourism in Africa.
  • Sustainability
    1. Social
    2. Environmental
    3. Economic
  • Organic products are tariff-free, economic growth & less environmental damage.
  • More women in international trade.
  • Free to blossom and bloom for mankind.
  • An inclusive trade where women are found in senior levels of GVC's and not only in the bottom positions. 
  • Time travelling for future trade.
  • Honesty.
  • Diálogos abierots.
    Implementación práctica de políticas públicas.
    Articulación del sector privado.
  • Más libros, más lectura, más profundidad, menos immediatez!
  • Un commerce plus équitable et moins d'inégalités entre tous les pays.
  • Commerce Equitable - Equité.




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