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WTO Public Forum 2007: “How Can the WTO Help Harness Globalization?”

Dates: 4-5 October 2007

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1. Global Governance: the challenges that interdependence and globalization present and the role the WTO can play to ensure that globalization works to the benefit of all peoples;

2. Coherence: (a) the need for national and international coherence; and (b) the contribution of the WTO to the construction of a coherent multilateral system;

3. Economic Growth: trade as a vehicle for growth and development;

4. Sustainable Development: the interaction of trade and sustainable development.


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Background Information 

Over the years, the WTO Public Forum has become one of the most important platforms for dialogue amongst the stakeholders of the multilateral trading system. It is now a significant feature of the international calendar. The preparations for the 2007 Forum start at a time when the Doha negotiations are gathering momentum, but the benefits of globalization are challenged by both North and South, and concerns are growing over the impact of globalization on the environment — all this as the multilateral trading system celebrates its 60th Anniversary.

This year's Forum — “How Can the WTO Help Harness Globalization?” — is aimed at stimulating a frank debate on the role the WTO can play in using trade as an engine of development, and on how it can contribute to a better distribution of the benefits of trade in today's globalized economy. The Forum will address the tools that the WTO requires to help harness globalization, and the need for cooperation amongst different international organizations. This dialogue can but strengthen the foundations of the Doha Development Agenda and the multilateral trading system.


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Call for Proposals 

The application process is now closed. All those who have sent a proposal will be contacted with further information.

Civil society representatives interested in organizing a session during the 2007 Public Forum should fill out the Call for Proposals Form before Friday, 29 June 2007. Forms should be sent for consideration to the following email address: Publicforum2007@wto.org or via fax: + 41 22 7395777.

Applications will be processed by the External Relations Division of the WTO. Candidates will be notified via e-mail of the outcome of the selection process. Applicants are kindly requested to refrain from enquiring about progress of their application.


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