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Practical information


How to get to the WTO

The WTO is right across the street from the final stop (“Jardin Botanique”) of bus no.1. The same bus takes you from the WTO to the city centre (train station “Cornavin” and Place Bel-Air). From the airport, hop on bus no. 28 to the final stop (“Jardin Botanique”). Tickets can be bought at every bus stop (3 SFR for one hour –  exact change is needed). There are no parking facilities in the WTO.

How to find your way in the WTO-buildings

WTO's address:
Centre William Rappard
Rue de Lausanne 154
CH-1211 Geneva 21
Tel: +41 22 739 5111

The CR-building is the new, modern building next to the WTO's main building. It holds the CR Room. After the opening day, the CR Room will be split into rooms CR I and II.
WTO's main building holds meeting rooms W, D, E, and A. Rooms W and A are located on the ground floor; Rooms D and E are on the third floor and can be reached by elevator or stairs.

Where to eat during the Forum

Both the main WTO building and the CR-building have coffee and sandwich bars which will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The small cafeteria on the 4th floor of the WTO-building is closed. There are also few restaurants (rue de Lausanne and avenue Blanc) located within a 10-minute walking distance of the WTO. The Botanical Gardens also offers a nice and friendly self-service cafeteria in beautiful surroundings. A wider choice of restaurants can be found in the Pâquis area which can best be reached by taking bus no. 1 anywhere between the WTO and the central train station.

Emergency telephone numbers

General emergency numbers for Switzerland:
117 —  Police
118 — Fire
144 — Ambulance

WTO Medical Service:
(022 739) 5666 — office hours
(022 739) 2222 — outside office hours

During the Forum

In accordance with the security procedures in force, the badge you will receive in exchange of an identity card or passport must be worn visibly at all times. Circulation in the WTO building will be limited to indicated areas. Your ID document will be kept by the organizers until the end of the Forum. Those wishing to reclaim their identity documents before then or during the Forum are kindly asked to collect them at the registration desk located in the new conference centre (the CR-building). After the meeting hours, for security reasons these documents will be kept with the security guards at the main WTO entrance (24-hours access). On the final day of the Forum, all identity documents can be collected in the new conference centre, upon return of the Forum badge.

How much will it cost

Participation at the Forum is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs are borne by the participants. It is also to be noted that the WTO does not deal with visas.

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