Hong Kong Ministerial news archive

18.12.05 Hong Kong Ministerial Conference: Ministers agree on declaration that ‘puts Round back on track’
18.12.05 Ministers consider second revision of the Draft Declaration
17.12.05 Ministers consider revised Draft Declaration
15.12.05 The Secretariats of the WTO and UNIDO hold side-event at Hong Kong Ministerial
15.12.05 WTO Ministers successfully approve Tonga’s membership at Hong Kong Conference
14.12.05 Sweden gives CHF 1.96m for assistance on SPS standards
14.12.05 Recipients and donors review cooperation programme
13.12.05 Lamy urges negotiators to be “bold and courageous”
13.12.05 Aid planned as a complement to a market access package
12.12.05 Lamy: “Hong Kong should bring us closer to the finishing line next year”
11.12.05 Saudi Arabia raises WTO membership to 149
02.12.05 Lamy says improved draft text will help ministers in Hong Kong
02.12.05 Conference Chair announces slate of facilitators
28.11.05 Lamy says the Round’s development potential must be preserved
26.11.05 Lamy submits draft ministerial text for Hong Kong
18.11.05 Two cotton proposals for Hong Kong conference discussed
16.10.05 Lamy takes part in Hong Kong Roundtable Forum
24.09.05 “Hong Kong Ministerial is last and best chance to conclude the Round by next year — Lamy”, and other speeches by Director-General Pascal Lamy
14.09.05 Lamy opens “new phase” in trade talks
29.07.05 Hong Kong Commerce Secretary elected chair of the Sixth Ministerial Conference
16.07.05 The post-Cancún July 2004 package.
The decision, and the 16 July first draft.



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