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18.12.2005 Hong Kong Ministerial Conference: Ministers agree on declaration that ‘puts Round back on track’
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02.12.2005 Lamy says improved draft text will help ministers in Hong Kong
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30.11.2005 Lamy urges Geneva negotiators to “redouble” efforts as Hong Kong looms
28.11.2005 Lamy says the Round's development potential must be preserved (Bilingual statement)
26.11.2005 Lamy submits draft ministerial text for Hong Kong
19.10.2005 Lamy: “We need to act now”
13.10.2005 Lamy says the engines of negotiations are “buzzing” again
14.09.2005 Lamy opens “new phase” in trade talks
28.07.2005 Farm talks chairperson reports to Trade Negotiations Committee
28.07.2005 TNC chairperson Supachai reports to General Council
26.05.2005 Dr. Supachai's report to the General Council
30.06.2004 Dr. Supachai: Ministerial support must be translated into Geneva progress
22.04.2004 Dr. Supachai: “We must redouble our efforts
11.02.2004 Chairpersons of Bodies established under the Trade Negotiations Committee — 2004
16.12.2003 Chair wraps up: groups can restart, but still no deal on tough issues
15.12.2003 Key issues clearer, possible solutions becoming visible — General Council chair
14.10.2003 Members back efforts to put negotiations back on track
10.06.2003 Africa urges end to cotton subsidies; Supachai warns “time running out” on Cancún preparations
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14.05.2003 Dr. Supachai consults on implementation issue
09.05.2003 ‘Avoiding the worst is no substitute for real progress’, Supachai tells negotiators
01.05.2003 Lead the way towards compromise, Supachai urges OECD ministers
02.04.2003 Dr. Supachai underlines importance of Doha progress to global confidence
15.10.2002 Supachai urges negotiators to stop waiting for others to move first
03.10.2002 DG Supachai urges acceleration of work on Doha Agenda, presents timeline
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31.07.2002 Report by the Chairman of the Trade Negotiations Committee
19.07.2002 Moore: The roadmap and deadlines for Cancun Ministerial now “clear”
Director-General Mike Moore, at the conclusion of the Trade Negotiations Committee (TNC) meeting on 19 July 2002, said that “road map and deadlines are now clear” for the Fifth Ministerial Meeting next year at Cancun, Mexico, and that the work of TNC bodies “is now about substance and real negotiations”.
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16.05.2002 WTO, World Bank, and IMF chiefs warn against rich-country protectionism
The heads of the WTO, World Bank and International Monetary Fund on 16 May 2002 urged OECD ministers to give impetus to the Doha agenda negotiations, and warned that increased protectionism in the world's leading economies would undermine developing countries' efforts to reform through more open economies.
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19.04.2002 Chairman reports on consultations about acceding countries' participation, observers
As part of the preparations for the 24 April 2002 formal meeting of the Trade Negotiations Committee, the chairman — WTO Director-General Mike Moore — called an informal meeting on 17 April 2002 to consult negotiators about agenda items.
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11.03.2002 WTO governments pledge 30m Swiss francs to help developing countries in new trade round
WTO member governments promised, on 11 March 2002, double the targeted 15 million Swiss francs to help developing countries participate in the Doha Development Agenda. Director-General Mike Moore described this as a “remarkable outcome” that will help “ensure that the world's most vulnerable countries have a more effective voice in the new Trade Round”.
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15.02.2002 Agreement reached on WTO chairpersons, Moore hails decision
The General Council, on 15 February 2002, noted the consensus on the slate of names of chairpersons for WTO bodies. Director-General Mike Moore, hailed the General Council's approval as “another hurdle cleared in our efforts to meet the mandate and tight deadlines set for us by Ministers in Doha”.
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01.02.2002 Governments decide on organization of negotiations: WTO DG to chair TNC
WTO member governments agreed on how to organize negotiations launched at the Doha Ministerial Conference on 14 November 2001. The decisions were taken in the new Trade Negotiations Committee, which consists of all WTO members and countries negotiating membership.
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