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16 November 2000
Moore applauds APEC call for a new Round next year

Director-General Mike Moore, on 16 November 2000, said the APEC Leaders' call for the launching of a new Round of trade negotiations in 2001 “will surely energize work in Geneva for a broad-based negotiating agenda that will benefit all members”.

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“The forward-looking Declaration of the leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific economies that account for nearly half of world trade is another important reminder that a strong and active WTO is crucial to economic progress of all countries,” he added.

Mr. Moore also welcomed APEC's call for more market access to exports of the poorest countries, and cited New Zealand for being the latest member to join this WTO initiative for LDCs. He said more than a dozen other members had announced they were working on market access programmes for the LDCs, adding that he was following up on these offers.

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