WTO news: what’s been happening in the WTO

16 October 2000

WTO and World Bank open online forum on trade issues

The WTO and the World Bank are inviting government officials, business representatives, students, NGOs and anyone interested in trade matters to participate in a month-long online forum on “Trade and Sustainable Development” on their joint website starting on 23 October 2000.

The first two weeks of the forum will focus on “effects of trade on poverty”; and the final two weeks on “how to ensure that trade and environment are mutually supportive”. To enable an informed debate, major studies on these topics and links to research in other institutions will be posted

WTO Director-General Mike Moore said “the forum is the first initiative of the WTO Network, which links the organization with universities and research centres to build and disseminate knowledge on international trade issues”. He added “the WTO is for an informed debate on the crucial trade issues, and we hope for a substantial response all over the world”.

Several of the participating institutions contribute to a World Bank project on building a trade negotiating agenda for developing countries. Experts and scholars from 15 universities and research centres across the globe, who are carrying out research on these topics, will answer questions from forum participants.

Participants must register for the forum.