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1 March 2001
Dispute body refers dairy dispute to original panel

Summary of the meeting

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The WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), on 1 March 2001, referred to the original panel complaints lodged by the United States and New Zealand regarding Canada’s implementation of DSB's recommendations in the case “Canada — Measures affecting the importation of milk and the exportation of dairy products”.

The US and New Zealand claimed that the new provincial schemes put in place by Canada continued to be export subsidies like the national measures they have replaced.

At the meeting, the European Communities and Mexico reserved their third-party rights to participate in the panel proceedings.

At the same time, the US and New Zealand requested the authorization of the DSB to suspend concessions against Canada — each in the amount of US$35 million. Canada objected to these amounts and these matters were referred to arbitration. This arbitration process will be suspended until the original panel completes its report.

In another case, that on “US — Anti-dumping measures on stainless steel plate in coils and stainless steel sheet and strip from Korea”, the United States said it intended to implement the panel recommendations but it would need a reasonable period of time to do so. Korea said it believed that the recommendations could be implemented promptly, adding that it looked forward to consultations with the US on the time-frame for implementation.