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 8 February 2001
Moore welcomes start of Yugoslavia membership talks

Director-General Mike Moore, on 8 February 2001, warmly welcomed the decision by the WTO General Council to establish an accession working party for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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This is a very strong signal of the importance of trade in bringing peace and stability to troubled regions of the world. Membership in the WTO will go a very long way toward assisting Yugoslavia's re-integration in the global community.

It will assist re-construction efforts under way and contribute to a better way of life for the people of Yugoslavia and Central Europe.

I urge the Working Party to move as quickly as possible to complete its work and bring Yugoslavia into the WTO family.

The WTO has always been about establishing the rules for a more stable and integrated world. Development, security, peace and progress work hand in hand. Where Europe is united it is a force for good, and living standards are high. Where Europe has been divided, the people have suffered.