28 April 2003

25th Trade Policy Course starts

Mr. Paul Rolian, Director of the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation (ITTC), today welcomed the participants in the 25th WTO Trade Policy Course on the occasion of the opening session. Thirty government officials from the Caribbean, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific will have the opportunity to increase their understanding of the WTO, its rules and its functioning. Being immersed in the work done at the WTO Headquarters, the participants will have an ideal opportunity to learn, in an "hands on" way, the functioning of the WTO. This comes at a crucial stage of the preparation for the next session of the Ministerial Conference which will take place in Cancun, Mexico, in September this year.

The 12-week course will consist of presentations, simulation exercises, attendance at WTO meetings, debates and visits to other international organizations active in WTO-related issues. Sessions will be held in English.

The 25th TPC is the third one organized this year at the WTO Headquarters. A similar programme is currently being conducted in Kenya, in partnership with the University of Nairobi. This year, one more TPC will be held, in Geneva, for Spanish-speaking participants between September and December, while another regional TPC is in preparation for French-speaking African countries.

Shorter introduction courses as well as a range of specialized courses will complement the training activities conducted under the mandate of the ITTC in 2003.


List of participants back to top

Bahamas Mr. Hank Obrien FERGUSON
Bangladesh Mr. S.M Nurul ALAM
Belize Ms. Shawn Adasha RICHARDS
Bulgaria Ms. Tsvetelina Georgieva DIMITROVA
China Mr. Changtian HAN
Croatia Ms. Divna PLENČA BILOS
Fiji Ms. Sovaia Marawa MOMO
Ghana Mr. Kay Kizito ARYAN
Grenada Ms. Sonya Allyson FRANCIS
India Mr. Shashank PRIYA
Indonesia Mr. Edi YUSUF
Jordan Ms Natalia AL SHAKHANBEH
Lao Mr. Phouvieng PHONGSA
Mauritius Ms. Deneswaree MOHUN
Mozambique Mr. Luis Eduardo SITOE
Oman Mr. Idris Abdul Rahman AL-KHANJARI
Pakistan Mr. Bilal Kham PASHA
Papua New Guinea Mr. Elliot Edward TABUA
Qatar Mr. Yahay AL-NAEMI
Russian Federation Ms. Marina KHACHATUROVA
Saint Lucia Ms. Pauline Virginia PAUL
Saudi Arabia Mr. Fahad Yousef Sharef AL-EATANY
Sierra Leone Ms. Nancy TENGBEH
Singapore Ms. Wai Ling MARK
Syrian Arab Republic Mr. Kenan ZAHERALDEEN
Chinese Taipei Ms. Wan-Jung Amelia DAY
Thailand Mr. Pornvit SILA-ON
Ukraine Mr. Konstantyn MARCHENKO
Viet Nam Mr. Nang Tien NGUYEN
Zimbabwe Mr. Mike CHIVHANGANYE