3 October 2003

6th Specialized Course on WTO Dispute Settlement Rules and Procedures

29 September — 3 October 2003

Twenty-seven government officials completed on 3 October a five-day immersion into the rules and procedures governing the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism. For one week the participants were actively involved in the various training sessions organized under the auspices of the WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation and with the active support of the Secretariat of the Appellate Body and the Legal Affairs Division.

The course traditionally starts with an introduction to the WTO and its basic principles. It then focuses on the Dispute Settlement Mechanism. Participants are rapidly engaged in simulation exercises which allow them to develop practical knowledge and skills throughout the various steps of the dispute resolution. An update on recent developments in the area of dispute settlement as well as under the framework of the current review of the Dispute Settlement Understanding concluded the training programme. The course was held in English.

Though the group of participants was composed essentially of government officials from developing countries and least-developed countries, a number of developed countries were also represented, as this particular training activity was organized under Art. 27.3 of the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes, which foresees that training is to be provided to all WTO Members. A complete list of participants is attached.

The WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation will organize another course of this type in November 2003 which will be held in French. A similar course, to be held in Spanish, will take place in 2004.

This training on dispute settlement is one of the numerous activities organized by the WTO ITTC. Currently twenty-three government officials are participating in the three-month 26th Regular Trade Policy Course, held in Spanish. In November, a two-week Specialized course on Trade in Services will be held in English.


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Australia Ms. Nicole MATRAI
Denmark Mr. Niels Junker JACOBSEN
Dominican Republic Mr. Victor NÚÑEZ SANTANA
Estonia Miss Birgit NAUR
European Commission Mr. Soren SCHONBERG
Fiji Mr. Savenaca BANUVE
Gambia Mrs. Zainab JAWARA
Hong Kong, China Miss Katy FONG
Indonesia Mr. Tazwin HANIF
Japan Miss Makiko OSHIMA
Latvia Mr. Mãris STEPANOVS
Malawi Mr. Geoffrey NKHATA
Mexico Mr. Aristeo LÓPEZ
Mozambique Mr. Cardoso COMBOIO
Netherlands Mr. Hubert BLOM
Nicaragua Mrs. María Pía HERNANDEZ
Norway Mr. Ture LUNDH
Poland Miss Ewa PAWLOWSKA
Russian Federation Miss Yulia LENEVICH
Saudi Arabia Mr. Majid AKHDAR
Sri Lanka Mr. Raconde Gedara Samantha Pushpa Kumara WIJESEKARA
Switzerland Mr. Philippe NELL
Thailand Mr. Rachavitch PIYAPRAMOTE
Turkey Mr. Mesut AYDIN
United States of America Mr. James KELLEHER
Uruguay Mrs. Ana ROCANOVA
Viet Nam Mrs. Thi Van Anh LAI