1 December 2003

Dispute settlement training for government officials

1-5 December 2003

Twenty-seven officials have started a one-week training course on the rules and procedures governing the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism. The five days will see participants concentrating on this one particular area of the multilateral trading system. This specialized course is organized in the framework of the activities making up the technical cooperation and training programme linked to the "Doha Development Agenda".

The course starts with an introduction to the WTO and its basic principles, before turning to focus on the Dispute Settlement Mechanism. Participants are rapidly engaged in simulation exercises which allow them to further develop their practical knowledge and skills in the various stages of dispute settlement. An update on recent developments in the area of dispute settlement rounds off this week-long training course.

Although the group of participants is composed essentially of government officials from developing countries, with a large proportion from least-developed countries, some developed countries are also represented, given that this particular training activity is organized under Article 27.3 of the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes, which states that training is to be provided to all WTO Members.

This course is conducted in French under the guidance of the WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation and with the active support of the WTO Legal Affairs Division and the Appellate Body Secretariat.


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African Development Bank Mr. Aboubacar FALL
Algeria Mr. Abdelhakim ZEBIRI
Benin Mr. Francis LOKOSSA
Mr. Marc Hermanne G. ARABA
Burundi Mr. Térence NZEYIMANA
Central African Republic Mrs. Jeanine DEKOYO
Chad Mr. Adoudou Allazam MAHAMAT
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Mr. André LOMA DJESA MUKANGA
Djibouti Mr. Abdallah DAHER HASSAN
France Mr. Alexis MASSOT
Guinea Mr. Abdoulaye CAMARA
Haiti Mr. Rodrigue JOSAPHAT
Hungary Mrs. Veronika CSERBA
Madagascar Mr. Haingo RAMANIBOLA
Mali Mr. Karim TOGOLA
Mauritania Mr. Mohamed Lemine OULD NATY
Nicaragua Mr. Didier ALEMÁN
Niger Mrs. Florentine - Pierrette ARAOYE
Peru Miss Claudia Elizabeth GUEVARA DE LA JARA
Senegal Mrs. Mariama Dramé LEYE
Spain Mr. Francisco Javier GIMENO
Sweden Mr. Johan BÄVERBRANT
Togo Mrs. Abla Dzigbodi KPONYO
Venezuela Mrs. Luisa RODRIGUEZ
Miss Daniela GILARRANZ