20 January 2004

27th & 28th Trade Policy Courses start

Government officials from 56 countries attended on Monday 12 January the joint opening session of the 27th and 28th WTO Trade Policy Courses (TPC), which will run in parallel at the WTO Headquarters from 12 January to 2 April 2004. The brief ceremony was chaired by Dr. Kipkorir Aly Rana, Deputy Director-General of the WTO, who warmly welcomed all the participants.

The overall objective of the courses is to widen participants' understanding of trade policy matters, the multilateral trading system, international trade law and the functioning of the WTO. It is expected that the knowledge acquired during these courses will allow participants to contribute to the promotion of a more active participation of their countries in the work of the WTO. Throughout the three-month training, officials will become acquainted, through lectures, debates, attendance at WTO meetings and simulation exercises, with virtually all the issues dealt with in the framework of the WTO. Visits to other international organizations located in Geneva will also allow them to become acquainted with trade-related aspects of the work conducted by these organizations.

Dr. Rana invited participants to actively take part in the forthcoming training and to develop and strengthen a solid network of contacts by attending WTO meetings and discussing with delegates, WTO experts, and representatives of other organizations.

The 56 participants come from developing and least-developed countries, as well as transition economies and countries in the process of accession to the WTO.

The 27th and 28th TPC are the two first such courses to be organized in 2004 at the WTO Headquarters. Two additional 3-month TPCs will be organized in Geneva during the course of the year, one in French and the other one in Spanish. Several other specialized courses will complement the training activities conducted by the ITTC at the WTO Headquarters this year.


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27th Trade Policy Course

Armenia Mr. Mher SAHAKYAN
Barbados Mrs. Emalene MARCUS
Bhutan Mr. Yeshey DORJI
Brazil Mr. Marcelo Silva PONTES
Cambodia Mr. Vothana IN
Cyprus Miss Chloe KOLA
Egypt Mr. Seif Alla KANDEEL
El Salvador Miss Katia CARBALLO
Eritrea Mr. Mohamediman Abdu MOHAMEDIMAN
China Miss Sau Hang Peggy LAW, Hong Kong
Kazakhstan Ms. Nailya Kaliakbarovna ABDIMOLDAYEVA
Latvia Mrs. Inguna BERKE
Lebanon Miss Maya ABOU ZAHR
Macao, China Mrs. Mei Fong LEONG
Namibia Mr. Ndatunga Tuutaleni HASHOONGO
Nepal Mr. Himal THAPA
Nigeria Mr. Ibrahim AHMED AKOPARI
Philippines Mr. Salvador M. BUBAN
Romania Mrs. Mihaela GAVRILESCU
Saint Kitts and Nevis Miss DeidrÚ DANIEL
Sudan Mr. Mutasim Makawi MOHAMED ALI
Swaziland Mr. Phesheya Mfundo MALAZA
Tajikistan Mr. Anvar Abdoukhalilovich IBRAGIMOV
Tonga Mr. Abaither AHO
Tunisia Mr. Tarek BEN YOUSSEF
Uganda Mr. Emmanuel MUTAHUNGA
United Arab Emirates Mr. Jumah ALKAIT
Vietnam Mrs. Thuy Linh TRUONG
Zambia Miss Viola CHIPERE

28th Trade Policy Course

Azerbaijan Mr. Anar KARIMOV
Bahrain Mr. Yusuf DASHTI
Colombia Mr. Norberto MARTINEZ LEON
Estonia Mr. Arti ALBERT
Guyana Mr. Roger William ROGERS
Jamaica Miss Carol Angella LEE
Kiribati Mr. Rota ONORIO
Lesotho Miss Likonelo LEBONE
Lithuania Mr. Donatas TAMULAITIS
Malawi Mrs. Charity Priscilla LONJE MUSONZO
Maldives Miss Shaeen RASHEED
Moldova Miss Ineta PANURCO
Mongolia Mr. Gunaajav BATJARGAL
Morocco Miss Amal NHAMI
Myanmar Mr. Aung U AUNG SOE THEIN
Oman Mr. Mohamed Salem AL HINAI
Rwanda Mr. Olivier NDABIKUNZE
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Mr. Nathaniel WILLIAMS
Seychelles Miss Francoise BARRA
Solomon Islands Mr. Jack O'OI
Sri Lanka Miss Upekkha SAMARATUNGA
Chinese Taipei Mrs. I-Jen Carrie WU
United Rep. of Tanzania Mrs. Jacqueline MALEKO
Uzbekistan Mr. Askar MIRSAIDOV
Vanuatu Mr. Johnny George KOANAPO
Yemen Mr. Kamal Sultan AL KHAMERI