28 June 2004

WTO to hold IT symposium in October

The Information Technology Agreement Committee, on 28 June 2004, agreed to hold the WTO Information Technology Symposium on 18-19 October 2004 in Geneva.

The symposium is open to all WTO members and observers, private sector IT industry representatives, academics expert in IT technologies and international intergovernmental organizations.

Committee Chairman Frédéric Seppey, who will serve as facilitator, said that the symposium aims:

  • To update ITA and other WTO Members on developments in information technology, its application to products, and the evolving nature of trade (where it is and where it is going).

  • To elicit updated information on the nature of non-tariff barriers to trade in IT products.

  • To assess the role of IT trade in supporting development in those markets where liberalization has occurred and identify challenges to trade in IT associated with development needs.

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