22 September 2005

WTO website launches improved information on disputes

The WTO has inaugurated a new research tool in its website: a powerful facility to easily obtain detailed and up-to-date information on dispute-settlement cases.

Previously, it had been difficult to track down information on the more than 300 dispute cases lodged in the WTO. With the new “Find dispute cases” page, readers may easily obtain a list of cases meeting criteria they specify, such as subject (steel, apples etc.), complainant, respondent or date.

For each dispute a web page has been created in English, French and Spanish which gives a summary of the dispute to date, as well as highlighting key facts and providing links to documents and rulings.

In addition, the website now provides improved lists of disputes by country, subject and date.

Searches for documents resulting from the dispute settlement process (available through the Documents Online database) are now made easier through the “Find dispute documents” page.

On the WTO dispute settlement gateway, one can also find recent dispute documents (e.g. in the last ten days), a regular update of all WTO dispute settlement cases, and summaries of Dispute Settlement Body meetings. There is also an introduction to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, as well as updates on the ongoing negotiations on the Dispute Settlement Understanding.