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> Just the conclusions in pdf format (1 page, 18KB)

In Word format:
Panel report (67 pages, 667KB)
Annex A (90 pages, 917KB)
Annex B (5 pages, 69KB)
Annex C1 (51 pages, 493KB)
Annex C2 (33 pages, 366KB)
Annex D (42 pages, 380KB)
Annex E (24 pages, 174KB)
Annex F (76 pages, 588KB)
Annex F-3 (53 pages, 478KB)
Annex G (6 pages, 76KB)
Annex H (3 pages, 48KB)
Annex I (5 pages, 119KB)

In pdf format:
Panel report (67 pages, 406KB)
Annex A (90 pages, 525KB)
Annex B (5 pages, 42KB)
Annex C1 (51 pages, 302KB)
Annex C2 (33 pages, 211KB)
Annex D (42 pages, 272KB)
Annex E (24 pages, 139KB)
Annex F (76 pages, 456KB)
Annex F-3 (53 pages, 372KB)
Annex G (6 pages, 39KB)
Annex H (3 pages, 25KB)
Annex I (5 pages, 27KB)




In Zip format:

> Full panel report (Word documents)

> Full panel report (pdf documents)


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