> Just the conclusions in pdf format (4 pages, 26KB)

In Word format:
Panel report (85 pages, 858KB)
Annex A (129 pages, 955KB)
Annex B (50 pages, 379KB)
Annex C (84 pages, 584KB)
Annex D (50 pages, 307KB)
Annex E (30 pages, 218KB)
Annex F (15 pages, 233KB)

In pdf format:
Panel report (85 pages, 373KB)
Annex A (129 pages, 566KB)
Annex B (50 pages, 225KB)
Annex C (84 pages, 396KB)
Annex D (50 pages, 210KB)
Annex E (30 pages, 138KB)
Annex F (15 pages, 82KB)


In Zip format:

> Full panel report (Word documents)

> Full panel report (pdf documents)


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