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The purpose of the workshop is to help WTO members deepen their understanding of issues arising under the mandate of Paragraph 31(iii) of the Doha Ministerial Declaration, including development‑related aspects, without prejudice to ongoing negotiations in the Committee on Trade and Environment — Special Session (CTESS). The mandate under Paragraph 31(iii) of the Doha Declaration calls for “the reduction, or as appropriate, elimination of tariff and non‑tariff barriers to environmental goods and services”.

The workshop includes speakers from governments, the private sector and international organizations with relevant expertise in the area of environmental goods and services. It therefore provides a platform for an interactive exchange among delegations and experts on key issues of relevance to the CTESS mandate.

The workshop is being held at the WTO, Centre William Rappard, Room W, on 23 September and at the World Meteorological Organization (7bis Avenue de la Paix), Room A, on 24‑25 September.

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