The publication includes studies on a wide range of sectors, such as air transport, distribution, audiovisual services, postal services, energy, finance and telecommunications, and on a variety of themes, such as cross-border trade, government procurement and the movement of natural persons. Chapters covering each of these sectors/themes review market and regulatory developments, discuss key negotiating issues and assess the liberalization already achieved by PTAs and WTO negotiations. The book also looks ahead to future opportunities and challenges.

The book also includes case studies on countries as diverse as Australia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Uruguay. These case studies aim to shed light on the elements that have shaped bilateral and multilateral negotiations on services. What are the reasons for negotiating bilateral agreements? Why do negotiations lead to such different results? What role is played by national interests?

Contributors to this volume include WTO staff, negotiators, academics and experts from other international organizations. A foreword has been provided by the WTO's Director-General, Pascal Lamy.

Opening Markets for Trade in Services may be ordered from the WTO's Online Bookshop and can be purchased locally through CUP stockists across the world.

Further information about the book, including access to the table of contents and the Summary and Overview, is available here.

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