At the request of the parties in the dispute “US — Zeroing (EC) (Article 22.6 — EC)” (DS294), the Arbitrator has agreed to start its meeting with the parties on 20 May 2010 with a session open to public viewing at the WTO Headquarters in Geneva. This public session is expected to start at 10.00 am on 20 May 2010 and the public viewing will take place via a real time closed-circuit television broadcast. The public session of the Arbitratorís meeting with the parties may continue in the afternoon on 20 May 2010, and on 21 May 2010, as necessary.

The number of places in the viewing room reserved for the public will be allocated on a first come, first served basis upon receipt of the completed application form. Completed forms should be sent by e-mail only to the following address: openhearingDS294@wto.org. Applications will be accepted until 5 pm, Geneva time, on 10 May 2010.

The general public to whom seats have been allocated will need to exchange a valid official photo identification at the Bureau Controle Identification for a badge to allow access to the viewing room. Members of the public allocated a seat are requested to arrive in good time as security checks may delay access to the viewing room.

Please note that any form of recording or filming is prohibited and that cell phones shall be switched off during the public viewing.

The WTO cannot offer any support, including financial, for accommodation, flight arrangements or visas.


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