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“Once Tajikistan completes its domestic ratification procedures, it will become the 159th member of the WTO family. For Tajikistan, a small and landlocked country, WTO accession is a road leading to the world economy. For the WTO, it is another step towards universality and a sign of confidence in the values and benefits of the multilateral trading system,” said Director-General Pascal Lamy.

Tajikistan’s President, Emomali Rahmon declared “Today constitutes a landmark in Tajikistan's history and lays solid foundations for further promotion of sustainable social and economic growth. Applying for WTO membership 11 years ago was the right step forward for Tajikistan as it transforms itself into a market economy. Tajikistan will use its WTO membership as a means of fostering future economic growth and prosperity”.

WTO members congratulated Tajikistan for completing its accession process.

Tajikistan applied for WTO membership on 29 May 2001 and the Working Party concluded the negotiations on 26 October 2012.

Tajikistan’s accession package contains the Working Party report outlining its reformed trade regime and its commitments as a WTO member, its market access schedules on goods and services, the General Council Decision and the Protocol of Accession.

More information about Tajikistan’s commitments is available here



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