> Parties and observers to the GPA

Viet Nam’s Ambassador Nguyen Trung Thanh, in thanking the Committee, noted that his country stands “determined to restructure our economy to make it market-driven and rule-based while solidifying our comprehensive and pro-active integration into the world economy in a more competitive and sustainable manner. In that spirit, we consider it as a logical step to initially become an observer in the GPA Committee”.

Canada, the European Union, Japan, Korea, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, Chinese Taipei, the United States and Hong Kong, China warmly welcomed Viet Nam as an observer to the Agreement, and encouraged it to consider, in due course, becoming a full-fledged party. They made clear that they stood ready to support Viet Nam in exploring the potential benefits of accession.

In other significant developments in the Committee, further discussions took place on the accessions to the Agreement of China and New Zealand.  China applied for GPA accession in December 2007; New Zealand submitted its application in September 2012.


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