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At the 13th meeting of the Working Party, the Serbian delegation was led by Ms Bojana Todorović, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and Serbia’s Chief Negotiator. Members encouraged Serbia to adopt outstanding pieces of legislation and work closely with relevant members to conclude the remaining bilateral negotiations that could lead to its accession to the WTO in 2013.

The Serbian delegation informed members that pending legislative changes were being processed. Members looked forward to the enactment of the outstanding pieces of legislation. Ambassador Swärd Capra urged Serbia to adopt all outstanding pieces of legislation by July. The examination of Serbia’s revised draft Working Party Report indicated that the text was “technically mature’. The report would be revised for the next meeting to take account of relevant legislative developments in Belgrade. Serbia was asked to submit enacted legislation, an updated Legislative Action Plan and updated Agriculture Supporting Tables (AGSTs).

Members also reviewed the progress made in the on-going bilateral negotiations on market access for goods and services. Serbia has concluded 11 bilateral negotiations.  Ambassador Swärd Capra urged members to conclude the remaining bilateral market access negotiations as soon as possible. 

The date of the next meeting will be set when the outstanding pieces of legislation have been adopted, relevant progress has been registered in the bilateral negotiations, and the necessary inputs have become available. 


Background information

  • Working Party Chairperson: H.E. Ms Marie-Claire Swärd Capra (Sweden)
  • Application received on 23 December 2004
  • Working Party established on 15 February 2005
  • Latest revision of the Draft Working Party Report (Revision 6) : 1 March 2012
  • Working Party Secretary: Ms Petra Beslać
  • Director of the Accessions Division: Mr Chiedu Osakwe


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